About Caretta

Caretta Coaching

My aim is to provide individual and systemic coaching using the psychosynthesis leadership coaching approach. I feel there are three areas where I can especially help clients:

  • career and work-related coaching. I have experience of senior management and understand the pressures and doubts as well as the excitement and opportunities
  • creativity and self-expression. I have experienced the challenge of working creativity into work-life balance. I also enjoy exploring ways to use  creative skills in business and management
  • diversity and multi-cultural awareness. I have lived and worked abroad for much of my life, and I can  provide systemic coaching for organisations  on diversity issues within teams

About Peter

I am an experienced manager, mentor and leadership coach who has worked for many years with multinational teams in Europe, the Middle East, Russia/CIS and the Asia-Pacific region. I run the training firm Resource Economist Ltd which is focused on the sustainable development of natural resources: www.resourceeconomist.com.

I qualified as a leadership coach in 2017 with a Certificate in Psychosynthesis Leadership Coaching from Middlesex University. My dissertation was on the use of coaching in conflict resolution.

I am passionate about the use of coaching in the workplace. Before going into coaching and training, I worked for many years as a journalist, editor and market analyst, and more recently I have been retained as a consultant and trainer for large energy companies.

I have middle and senior level management experience and have provided strategic leadership at companies including McGraw-Hill, KBC and Interfax, in the UK and abroad. I know first-hand the complex challenges and pressures associated with leadership in rapidly-evolving corporate environments.

I have worked in the Middle East Japan, Korea, Singapore and Hong Kong and managed cross-cultural teams which included a diverse mix of hard-working but fun individuals from Russia/CIS, Latin America, Europe, South Asia and the Far East.

I have provided mentoring and coaching to staff throughout my career. My leisure interests include poetry, pottery, wine, travel, creativity and interfaith dialogue. I run several websites related to these interests.